ATL Health and Education

To increase the knowledge and skills of all employees to provide their professional and personal development so as to minimize the mistakes of the employee in the performance of his / her job.

To increase the motivation of employees and to prepare for the upper positions required by the company.

All personnel in charge must receive training including the following subjects.

  • The task of the relevant personnel;
  • All provisions of these Terms of Service relating to the tasks to be performed;
  • Permanent instructions and procedures for the services, where relevant;
  • All other essential and statutory requirements as well as all relevant rules, principles and procedures in the workplace;
  • All measures and procedures related to security;
  • All, should always act kindly and considerably and in accordance with confidentiality requirements;
  • Improving energy use and resource efficiency within the Health Facility in accordance with the required standards and requirements.
  • Other trainings to be provided in accordance with regulations;

General Training Programs

Professional Development, Personal Development, Executive Trainings, Quality Management System, Device Trainings, Occupational Health and Safety as legally mandatory, First Aid, Radiation Safety, Infection, etc.)

Keeping Training Records

All employees are subjected to orientation training before starting work. Training registration forms are fully filled and stored.